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    Britain's departure from the European Union was thrown into chaos on Tuesday after Parliament rejected Prime Minister Boris Johnson's extremely tight timetable for ratifying his exit deal.

  2. Daisy Ridley / Rey

    The new trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker suggest the franchise is still caught in the tractor beam of nostalgia as director J.J. Abrams attempts to move the sci-fi series forward.

  3. Trump Impeachment Ukraine Taylor

    William Taylor, the ex-ambassador who has sharply questioned Donald Trump's policy on Ukraine, provided lawmakers with a detailed and "disturbing" account of his recollection of events at the centre of the Democrats' impeachment probe on Tuesday, as the president used rhetoric to decry the probe that uncomfortably evoked racial tensions from America's past.

  4. Exxon Climate Lawsuit

    New York's attorney general is accusing Exxon Mobil of lying to investors about how profitable the company will remain as governments impose stricter regulations to combat global warming. A lawsuit is set to go to trial Tuesday.

  5. Catholic march in Haiti

    As Haiti entered a sixth week of violent anti-government protests over corruption and economic woes, Catholic leaders held a rare march on Tuesday, calling for sweeping political reform and a resolution to the crisis that has paralyzed the country.