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  1. 1208455092

    The Chinese city of Wuhan — where the novel coronavirus outbreak first emerged late last year — began lifting a two-month lockdown on Saturday, as the number of cases of the infection worldwide approached 600,000.

  2. Virus-Outbreak California

    It's becoming clear that poorer Americans will shoulder an unequal share of the suffering in the COVID-19 pandemic. They are less likely to get tested early, to have health coverage, to be allowed to work from home and to get paid leave.

  3. Obit Joseph Lowery

    U.S. civil rights leader Joseph Lowery, who worked alongside Martin Luther King Jr, has died at age 98.

  4. Virus Outbreak Asian Americans Protest

    Some Asian Americans say they feel betrayed by their president's use of racially charged terms like "Chinese virus" to describe the coronavirus pandemic and are steeling themselves for possible violence and racist attacks against their community.

  5. Israel-Netanyahu

    Israel appeared headed for a unity government on Friday after opposition leader Benny Gantz moved toward an agreement with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, disappointing voters who had hoped to bring down the right-wing premier.